AR/VR: Changing The Face Of Reality

Technology like AR and VR are going to influence the future producing more and more immersive alternative reality experiences.

AR (Augmented Reality): If you have used Snapchat, well you are a user of Augmented Reality already. Augmented Reality, in simple terms, is when you add some virtual effects to the real-time scenario of the user. Apple has introduced the animated emoji that use augmented reality. Last year, PokemonGo was one of the most popular players in this domain.

VR (Virtual Reality): In layman language, “Virtual” means artificial or digital and “Reality” is what we experience as a human. Virtual reality makes possible to experience anything, anytime, anywhere. Virtual Reality provides us with an artificial environment which is experienced through sights and sounds which itself provided by the computer and our actions determine what happens in the environment. As a kid, we were told about the five senses that we possess (taste, touch, smell, sight, and hearing). However, neurologists have identified 21 senses and with these senses, we experience the virtual environment around us.

mayo 3, 2018



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